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Commands are different AxAssist or custom features that are executed right in the code editor. Every command can have a shortcut or be available on AxAssist's toolbar.

Commands with the selected option Display on ToolBar are available on AxAssist's toolbar:

Common build-in commands are:

  • Comment out the selected lines (Ctrl + /)
  • Uncomment the selected lines (Ctrl + Shift + /)
  • Open object edited in code editor in AOT
  • For example, if you are editing method find() on InventTrans table this command will open InventTrans in AOT

  • Reformat variable declarations
  • (Experimental) Align X++ variable declarations as follows:


  • Detach Editor from AX client
  • Detaches the current X++ editor window so that it can be placed anywhere on the screen

  • Open the current method in Visual Studio
  • Available if the relevant *.xpp file is present in C:\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\Microsoft\bin\XppIL\source\. See MSDN for more details on debugging in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

  • Quickly create a new variable (Ctrl + Shift)
  • Creates a variable name when pressed right after the type.
    E.g. creates InventTable inventTable when pressed after InventTable

  • Go to defenition (F12)
  • Enhanced version of the standard F12 command. For example, it can open macro declarations, system types, views, maps, etc.

  • Open a variable in AOT (Ctrl + ~)
  • Opens a variable in AOT without going to the declaration first.

  • Open a variable in the Table browser (Ctrl + O)
  • Opens table browser for table variables.

Custom commands

Custom Commands can be configured to execute any of the EditorScripts methods or a static class method.
For example, a CustomCommand, on the screenshot above, is associated with the static method sampleMethod of the DEV_AxAssistCustomCommand class.

Whenever the Ctrl + Shift + 5 shortcut is pressed, AxAssist will execute this method.

Context menu

(Experimental) The Add-ins menu and Find usage has been added to the X++ editor's context menu.
The Add-ins menu is the same menu as Add-ins menu in AOT for a selected variable.

Find usage is a quick way to find the usage of a string under the cursor in the currently opened class/table/form.

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