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Code Completion

AxAssist extends the default code completion (IntelliSense) feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 by including capabilities that are more advanced.

Smart Suggestions

Suggested completions are grouped by priorities (e.g. local variables first), so it is easier to find what you are looking for.

Fields and local methods of table variables are shown on separate tabs. Switch between tabs with Ctrl + Left or Ctrl + Right to narrow down your search. (Default shortcuts can be overridden. See Configuration for more details).

Where it is appropriate, AxAssist suggests variables based on their types, for example: for a method parameter, the list of suggested values is filtered by the method's parameter type. Variables that extend the same type as the parameter type are also included in the suggestion list.

Another example is when AxAssist suggests variables right after the equal ("=") sign.

Table variable:

Extended Data Type variable:

Enum variable:

Enhanced search logic

All items can be completed by entering characters that match the uppercase characters of the completed item. For example, ljt for LedgerJournalTable.

It can also suggest completions for a combination of upper case letters followed by lower case letters in the completed item. For example, ljtrans to find LedgerJournalTrans or qbui for all types starting with QueryBuild*.

Furthermore, entering a part of the completed item (e.g. vendor for PrimaryVendorId) also works.

AxAssist uses this logic in every suggestion list. For example, to find enum:

To find the method or field containing itemId:

Extended Data Types show different icons depending on the base type (int, str, date, time, etc).


AxAssist allows you to customise when and how you want to commit or dismiss completion. Unlike standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 IntelliSense, AxAssist allows you to choose not to commit completion when pressing the spacebar (default option in AxAssist). Additionally, it is possible to disable the committing of the completion list when the Tab or Enter keys are pressed or to choose custom shortcuts to commit/dismiss/navigate the completion list. See Configuration for more details.

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