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Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0-2009 Development Tool

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Code understanding

Understand unfamiliar code quicker. AxAssist shows key information about variables, enums, EDTs and types.

Code completion

Code faster with assistance that's smart enough to offer suggestions before you type.

Code completion

Type an acronym and AxAssist will find completion that you want.

Smarter IntelliSense

Write code faster with smarter IntelliSense.


Run your code (e.g. EditorScript method) or custom action (e.g. open Table Browser) with a hotkey


AxAssist offers numerous options for customizing AxAssist's features.

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How Axassist Helps Microsoft Dynamics Developers

Suggestion Lists

Accelerate typing with suggestion lists that appear as you type. Accept a suggestion with Enter and skip most of your typing.

Code understanding

Understand X++ code faster with handy window in the Dynamics AX Editor which displays key information about your variables, types, enums, EDTs etc.

Coding assistance

Use shortcuts or toolbar to activate frequently used commands like comment/uncomment or call any X++ code.

Smarter IntelliSense

AxAssist can suggest a new variable names, parameter names in a method, field names in select statement and variable names after equal sign.

AxAssist's toolbar in AOT

Improve your productivity with the AxAssist's toolbar which saves you heaps of time browsing AOT or Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-ins menu.


Configure your favourite features in AxAssist to suit your programming environment and habits. Add new hotkeys or change existing, add new toolbar buttons and configure suggestion lists.


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