AxAssist - MS Dynamics AX Development Tool

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Microsoft Dynamics AX development tool

AxAssist is full of usefull features such as:
  • New! Macros list
  • New! Code reformatter
  • New! Variable names list (customized list of possible variable names)
  • User list (customized suggestion list)
  • Name matching (suggestion list based on AOT names)
  • Acronyms
  • Browsing elements directly in Editor
  • Opening element directly from Editor
  • Suggestions and Autotext
  • Managing Hotkeys
  • Managing Toolbar in Editor
  • Browsing table in one click
  • Advanced caption for AOT element
  • Switching between object methods without using AOT
AxAssist works independently on Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) functionality, except small changes in class EditorScripts.
Details are described in Installation section. Please read it before installation.

  • Acronyms
  • Accept a suggestion with Enter and skip most of your typing.

  • Suggestion Lists
  • Accelerate typing with suggestion lists that appear as you type.
  • Number of typed characters enough to make AxAssist offer a suggestion can be set using Settings dialog.
  • Accept a suggestion with Enter and skip most of your typing.

Current version:
Version: 1.14.0

Our clients:

Suggestion Lists on "=" press:
  • AxAssist determines type of left operand (at the left of ‘=’) automatically and builds the list of
    suggestions dynamically.

Suggestion Lists in "select" statement.
  • AxAssist recognizes table-related statements (select, join, update_recordset, delete_from, etc)
    automatically when you type them and opens list of available tables to select from.

Suggestion Lists in functions.
  • When you type function AxAssist recognizes type of current parameter and suggest you to
    select name of parameter from list of defined variables.

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